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Deliverance is a combat driving Mobile game. When the apocalypse strikes, the demand for food delivery shoots up. This presents the opportunity for Arnuld the Delivery Boy, to make loads of cash- If he can survive the monsters, warring Chinese food delivery franchises, and Lava everywhere!
Taste the thrill of navigating the end of the world, steaming pizza in one hand, shotgun in the other.

When Mom leaves for errands and dinner is up to Dad everything that can go wrong goes wrong with a flaming cherry on top.

Bandit is a game set during the first riot of the Civil War taking place in Baltimore. Collect documents on growing tensions as union troops march by and witness the violent outbreak between citizen and soldier.

Black Fowl is about fighting harpies with a flying sword and bull of an uncle.

Derelict is an alien abduction survival horror game for the occulus rift. The player must escape the labyrinth of the alien ship. What allowed you to break free? Signs indicate the ship crashed, but the pilots are coming to restrain their cargo for good.

Tschirgi Games

Violence inevitably springs up in the world, as commander of a dove fleet combat the peace with olive branch infused peace bombs and obliterate the seeds of war!

EMT Merci is a fearless medic. When Aliens invade to crush Humanity, Merci runs to the front lines aiding the soldiers injuries whether they want the help or not! Saving Lives as the primary objective you have to dodge through gunfire and explosions saving as many soldiers as you can using either stitching tools or the Amputation-ChainSAW. The patients may scream for mercy, but she knows how to do her job.

Ogre Ball is a fast paced multiplayer Mobile game. In a 3v3 match, each team of ogres must compete to capture as many sheep for their pen as they can. Similar to capture the flag, you must defend your pen from the other team, but with body-slams. Passing sheep between teammates is also an effective strategy, but the sheep will run away.


Love Bomb is a fast paced memory game in which you must navigate correctly through the veins of a victim and detonate their heart!

Quantum Gene is a futuristic 3rd person action combat game. Homing missile exchange is the challenge. Can you fire more strategically placed missiles at your enemies while shooting down the tracking projectiles aimed at you?

Penance is a 3rd person sci-fi combat game where the near future is mixed with supernatural powers. The main character, Kris returns from the death after committing suicide in powerless desperation. Using a divine halo as a weapon and anchor to Earth, she seeks to rescue her beloved while punishing those in her path. The unique battle tactic lies with the halo AKA penance.
She can throw the object with ranged control over it's path. However, the unearthly token tethers her to the living. Relinquishing the bright ring leaves her defenseless to the demons that roam the earth. Players must master the balance of ranged power-attacks to subdue guards with modern weapons while staying close to the penance to be safe from the shadows.