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Dynamic Feature Creep

Dynamic Feature Creep

Good news! Forbidden Technique has made another massive leap forward. The clothing, personality, and body type randomization system to generate a school full of unique people is in it’s first working stage.

Getting off bus


Yes, I don’t currently have a belly mesh so there’s a hole in the middle of them, but otherwise I can generate a massive variety of shirt colors and pattern combinations. At this point the randomization is pretty random. I choose a bunch of colors to tint and shade different patterns and it picks several with no real color pallet.

So yeah they walk to class sit down in their seats, then after the class ends get back up and walk to their next class till the day is over. These generated student files are saved each day and so persistent relationships are trackable with each one as well.

Coming into the school


The body randomization is not immediately the most visible because textures don’t change and neither do normal maps, only the physical mesh shape and size. Unfortunately it will likely stay at this stage of variety for a short time while the rest of the mechanics are all combined into a truly playable demo.