Forbidden Technique Roadmap

Forbidden Technique Roadmap

Forbidden Technique is a Dating game mixed with magic powers combat in VR. The game is build on Bad Plan games’ Electra engine which brings skillful and fun depth to conversation and dialog choice. Progressing in your relationships with girls at school or girls in the spirit world helps you grow your powers to save the world from the collapse of the spirit world into the normal world. Mechanics include dialog choice and tone options within all dialog choices, checking out girls and the risks that come with it, and using your powers to defeat monsters and gain more xp. Follows the story of a normal high schooler who gets caught up in the spirit world and powers, goes to school by day and visits the spirit realm by night.

The Electra engine is a level editor but for dynamic conversations (advanced kind of branching dialog tree) that the game reads as a mod file that will be open to any user to create their own female characters to interact with and try to date in the game both at school and in the spirit world.

Watch sneak peeks of what the game is here:

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