Go To Class

Go To Class

A big part of me feels like I’m still goofing around when it comes to Forbidden Technique. I’ve got so many half baked features, all of them with testable promise for myself, but not ready for demoing. I need to get other people in the action for feedback as soon as possible, but I’m caught trying to run tech demos of everything at once. Parts of which are good for long term planning and re-design of interlocking parts.



Other parts of it makes progress stagnant and daunting. It’s kind of like short term memorization because so many of the features are so complex. When I was setting up a system for selecting magic powers I actually had to completely scrap it all and do it again after sketching some flow charts because true organization was needed. But even with a handy flow chart to look at, it takes about an hour or 2 when I haven’t looked at the powers code for more than a day before I’m making real progress.

This turns out to make jumping back into the half built features a little more painful and slow than it needs to be. I just need to commit to a specific system and follow it through till it bumps against other missing features with nothing else to be done. So far I’ve got a power selection system, a complex VR movement system for the player, a power channeling system, an Ai generator that also generates class schedules for each student and where they need to head depending on a game time system. There is also the beginnings of the voyeurism system where the red debug boxes triggers experience gain which is boosted by many many factors, and some of those factors then contribute to a detection system which is not very good at the moment. Not very good meaning I always get caught staring at the boobs.

I think the priority I need to go with is the XP gaining system AKA Boob Watching. It’s really the core mechanic of the game that is completely different from all other games. Not only is getting it right important, but it’s the feature people need to play to know what the game is about and whether they like it. The powers are cool, the story is cool, the open world is cool, the vr player movement is cool, but those are just coincidentally awesome features. Those parts give meaning to the stealth peeping, but the farming mechanic is the definition of the game. All other features should be inspired by the core voyeurism feature and that means finishing it first complete with consequences for female disapproval and awareness mixed with social standings etc etc as it gets more refined.

Tons of games have path tracking, no one cares about the work going into path tracking. I must focus on SXP (sexy experience points).

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